Our company first entered the market in 2006, and since then we have been providing services in three main areas of expertise:

In the afore-mentioned areas of expertise we offer the following services:

  • management of processes and expert groups
  • conducting thematic analyses for various environmental issues
  • preparation of strategic plans
  • complete coordination of SEA and EIA procedures
  • assessment of climate change risks at the strategic and project levels
  • assessment of likely impacts on Natura 2000 (Appropriate Assessment) and on human health
  • coordination of public involvement and stakeholder participation
  • development of methodologies and guidelines
  • management of transboundary and international projects
  • organization of workshops and conferences
  • organization of study tours and the transfer of knowledge and/or experiences between countries

We work in a number of countries and regions. Currently we are carrying out projects in Turkey, South-East Europe (Croatia, Montenegro, Albania), in the former Soviet Union counties (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan) and in South-East Asia (Vietnam, Laos).

Our clients include: the European Commission, World Bank, UNDP, development agencies (Danida, GIZ), governmental institutions (e.g. the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic), as well as international consulting companies (Ernst Young, Deloitte, Niras, Danish Hydrogeological Institute (DHI), and Human Dynamics).